CogniFit's Science blog: Mental Games – Fun and Effective

Mental Games – Fun and Effective

Most people think of games as something which can be very entertaining and fun but which serves no good purpose. But mental games are the exception. They are fun but can also help people to use their mental training capabilities more fully and effectively.

There are many different kinds of mental health games and tasks available on CogniFit which can be implemented either individually or with the assistance of others.

Mental games are designed for many different kinds of people. For example there are some highly entertaining games which are designed more towards younger adults. The teenagers for example are so engrossed and entertained with the games that they don’t realize that they are in fact improving their mental capacities and function.

Other games are better suited to older people. And certain games many focus on specific kinds of cognitive abilities such as long-term memory. Other games can be better suited to help people to improve their mathematical processing. These are great for people who want to get better at mathematical skills like counting, etc.

There are some great games which can help people to improve their verbal skills like reading and writing. But the common denominator in these games is their ability to entertain the participants while improving their cognition.

So remember that while mental games are certainly designed to be fun, they serve a very important role of improving the mental capabilities and capacities of those who take advantage of them.