CogniFit's Science blog: What Implications Do Memory Games And Multitasking Have On Your Brain?

What Implications Do Memory Games And Multitasking Have On Your Brain?

Multitasking is something that has become inevitable in our busy society today. Many employers even look at whether or not you possess the quality when hiring. The question is how good, or bad is multitasking on the brain and what connection do memory games have with it?

There have been countless studies that have displayed harmful effects of multitasking on the brain. Such studies at Stanford showed that doing multiple things at once takes away the aspect of filtering and sorting information as quickly as we typically would be able to. In addition, the study found that we lose our ability to focus on single pieces of detail.

The problem is very few have the time to take one thing at a time. If only there was so much time in the day to get everything done piece by piece, right? But the simple fact of the matter is it is not like that.

We live in a society that is constantly rushed to be meet deadlines, make appointments and juggle countless responsibilities all at once. What one author suggests is that rather than assuming multitasking makes it more difficult to pay attention, they simply pay attention differently. She goes on to say that continuous, partial attention is not necessarily a condition of life but a useful tool that can be used to navigate through the complex world we live in.

It is important to note that discussions about multitasking being bad for performance is all task oriented and not necessarily brain oriented. Our brains are constantly looking for activity and want to be pushed to the limit. That is where memory games come into play.

By challenging your brain with a multitude of brain fitness tasks, you can keep it functioning at a high level while continuously developing brain cells. The more stagnant it becomes the quicker your mind is going to fade. These sorts of tasks can be found and used today on CogniFit.

It is also recommended to just let the brain do its own thing. Stay out of the way and allow it to put things into categories, process, create and act. There will always be a debate over whether or not multitasking will have negative implications on the brain and memory. And of course you can expect to find a number of additional studies to come in the near future. But for now, put your brain to work with memory games, let it do its thing and don’t worry so much if you juggle a few things at a time.