CogniFit's Science blog: Take Care Of Your Brain Health

Take Care Of Your Brain Health

We need virtually all of our organs to function and live. But the brain is something which makes us unique among other animals and gives us the ability to think and discriminate. It also gives us the ability to communicate through language and to express emotion. And it plays an integral role in letting us learn new things.

Good brain health is essential to keeping these mental functions running along properly. So let’s understand how to maintain good brain health.

First of all it is very important to keep in mind that the brain is part of the body and it needs proper nutrition just like the rest of our body. So make sure to “feed” the brain with nutritious foods. Stick with plenty of vegetables, lean meats and poultry and stay away from fatty foods, high sugar foods and foods with lots of chemicals and preservatives.

The brain also responds well to certain vitamins and nutrients. B complex vitamins are particularly important but a well-balanced diet should provide the right mixture of vitamins and minerals.

Stay away from smoking or alcohol. Both of these things can kill brain cells and cause declines in mental ability.

An essential part of good brain health is protecting the brain. Damage can easily occur because the brain is so sensitive. Impacts from falls or collisions can be particularly troublesome. So always wear a helmet when riding a bike or motorcycle to help to protect the brain from impact from a fall. And use protective safety devices in a car like a seatbelt and airbags.

One of the best way to help improve brain health is to minimize the risk of brain injury and damage. The body responds well to exercise and the brain is no different. So to enhance brain health, it needs to be exercised. Using CogniFit, you can play to many exercises which challenge the brain and cause it work harder.

As the brain works harder, it creates new neural networks which reinforce information learned and retained.

If you apply some of these suggestions, you could experience some nice improvements in brain health and feel and think better. There are many options to try and we are all encouraged to consider their use.