CogniFit's Science blog: Release Of The Neurons And Challenges

Release Of The Neurons And Challenges

In the last weeks, CogniFit has released two major features to make your brain training experience on the platform even more incredible!

The first release is the Neurons. Each time you train your neurons and brain on the platform, you will gain an amount of neurons which will be calculated depending on how well you have played.

With these neurons, you can then unlock many of the applications that are available on CogniFit so you add more brain games to your training regimen.

We have also unlocked the Challenges. You can now decide to challenge a friend or anyone on CogniFit and associate a number of neurons to a specific game. The target to beat is always the score that you have reached at a specific task at the time you have created the challenge.

You can also decide to accept challenges that other users have created in the community or that your friends have sent to you.

CogniFit strive to make a serious, effective brain fitness experience always more pleasant and with the Neurons and Challenges, you will even have more fun!