CogniFit's Science blog: More Research Confirms Brain Training Staves Off Dementia

More Research Confirms Brain Training Staves Off Dementia

Nearly 36 million people in the world suffer from Alzheimer’s or some other type of dementia. This number is growing year after year. In the last few years there have been several studies that link brain training to increased cognitive function and brain processing.

Research that was published early this year shows a link between brain training and the levels of the protein that cause Alzheimer’s. This study was conducted by Chinese researchers who enrolled 270 healthy adults age 65-75. They were randomly assigned to either do brain training activities or to a group who did a placebo type game which was the control group.

The brain games consisted of measuring skills in memory, reasoning, problem solving, map reading and health education and exercise. They did hour long training sessions twice a week for three months. The results of the research were very positive.

It found that compared to the control group the first group had a higher level of mental ability and cognitive skills. Many studies just like this one have shown the positive effects of brain training. The more stimuli you give your brain the more connections it makes and the more efficiently it works.

These types of studies have been done on young and old alike, the results are always the same. The people who do brain training or other mind games show improvements in cognitive skills, memory and problem solving. In addition to improving thinking a clear and healthy mind can improve your outlook on life.

People with healthy minds feel better and have a more positive outlook. As a result they are less likely to experience depression, anxiety or other mental health issues. The great thing about the brain is if you just spend a short amount of time stimulating it each week your healthier brain will pay off for years to come.

The short term results come quickly but the long term results lasting depend on many factors. The best way to keep your brain health is to give you short bursts of brain training often. Many things can be considered brain training even physical activity and listening to music has positive affects on the brain.

The healthier your brain is the easier it is to get through the day to day. Brain training activities are a great way to keep your brain in top operating condition. You can do these same activities at home on your computer.