CogniFit's Science blog: Memory Loss – Some Suggestions To Help

Memory Loss – Some Suggestions To Help

Our ability to remember things is a very important way in which we learn and can experience the life around us.

Our brains have the unique ability to process information, store and then retrieve it sometimes years later.

However there are things which can affect and result in memory loss.

We will discuss this further but also suggest some ways in which this program can be addressed and improved.

Memory loss can occur from a wide variety of things. It is most commonly associated with older people. Over time the neural networks which form in the brain break down. These neural networks play a key role in memory functions and their breakdown can also have a significant effect.

 It is known that neural networks can break down over time which is why memory loss can be very commonly associated with older people. Memory loss can also be associated with brain injury or disease. If the areas of the brain which are most closely associated with memory become damaged, then memory loss is generally inevitable. In addition disease can often directly affect memory.

One type of disease called Alzheimer’s disease has a very direct effect on memory. No one is sure why the disease develops and how to cure it. The disease is progressive and the memory loss associated with it can become so severe that sufferers eventually forget loved ones or even who they are.

It is a very unfortunate and tragic situation for the sufferers and their families. There are several treatments which can address memory loss. Certain drugs have been shown to have a positive effect on memory. In some cases the memory loss resulted from a lack of certain brain chemicals which these drugs address.

And brain fitness exercises and therapies can help the brain to overcome reductions in mental processes and function by helping to rebuild and strengthen neural networks. It utilizes the mechanism of brain plasticity to do so. Some special kinds of surgical procedures have also shown benefit in improving memory function.

But whichever option you may consider it is very important to discuss them with your physician to make certain you take advantage of the best course of treatment. Memory loss is a major problem in our society. But there are new and ever more effective treatments which are being developed all the time. There is hope that many types of memory loss can be addressed and ultimately corrected.