CogniFit's Science blog: The Mechanism Of Brain Plasticity

The Mechanism Of Brain Plasticity

Brain plasticity is a very important mechanism by which the brain is able to learn and retain information. It is a physical change to the brain and plays some vital roles. So let’s explore this further.

Brain plasticity causes a physical change in the brain to occur. A good example of this is when a child learns something new.

As these new experiences become exposed to the child, new neural networks form. If the experience or sensory input is repeated, more neural networks form and the result is reinforced.

This is also why long term memories can be so vivid even to the point of being able to recall sounds, sights and smells from something which may have occurred years earlier. Brain plasticity also plays a very important role the ability of different parts of the brain taking over functions it may not have normally performed.

This is especially important to someone who may have suffered injury or disease to specific portions of their brain. Through specialized training and exercises, these people can teach other parts of their brain to take over functions which would not normally occur.

Brain plasticity plays a key role here and it helps people to regain functions or mental processes they might have otherwise lost forever. The role of brain plasticity can also help older people to regain or minimize the degradation of mental processes. What happens is that over time the established neural pathways can break down.

This can have a direct effect on mental processes and causes what is commonly referred to as a senior moment. Forgetfulness is a common trait. But the function of brain plasticity can help the brain to create new neural pathways and minimize or even reverse the decline in mental functions. It can help to keep the minds of an older person alive and fresh.

The mechanism of brain plasticity is aided by keeping the brain as healthy as possible. So make certain you eat right and avoid foods and drinks which can cause damage to brain cells. And utilize exercises like brain games which can really challenge the brain and cause it to operate in new ways. As the brain functions a little differently than it used to, it can cause new neural pathways to form and thereby enhance mental processes and function.

You can find some excellent tasks which apply the benefits of brain plasticity to great effect on your cognitive skills.