CogniFit's Science blog: Learning Something New With Intensity Improves Brain Plasticity

Learning Something New With Intensity Improves Brain Plasticity

One problem old people face is cognitive decline. This is includes memory loss, the rate at which we process information, and even how we talk. You might be alarmed that a recent European study finds that this begins to happen to people in their 40's and not in their 60's So what can you do about it?

Learn something new and challenging! Increase your brain plasticity by using more of your brain or even growing your brain. Sound far-fetched? Leading scientists in the field of neuroplasticity have found that learning new skills that require a certain level of intensity can actually help your brain grow.

When you were young you did this automatically without giving it much thought. Things such as learning to ride a bike or tying your shoes were something we all wanted to do. As you get older you face of new challenges finding things that still force you to use your brain.

Luckily technology is there to help us out. The rapid changes in technology with computers and smart phones have actually been very good for all of us. As we get older we tend to use our brains less. Our brain stops growing because we're not doing anything that requires a certain level of intensity to complete.

When was the last time you learned a new skill? How about taking on the challenge of learning a second language? This might be more than many of us want to do, but would be a great way to improve our brain plasticity.

One thing that's extremely challenging is learning a musical instrument. If you want to help your brain grow take piano lessons and stick with it until you're actually good. The same thing could be said about playing the guitar or some other musical instrument.

Obviously, also start a serious brain training program with CogniFit that will challenge your brain. It's easy to access it with any computer.

People who are physically active doing things such as learning a new dance are actually growing their brain as well. This is not only helpful to your body but can be very beneficial to your brain as well!

People are living longer than they used to in the past. This can be good if you force your brain to grow and learn new things so you're able to be more accomplished and mentally sharp when you get old.