CogniFit's Science blog: Keep Sharp With Mental Training

Keep Sharp With Mental Training

There is a lot that goes into mental health. Some of it is mental training and some of it is physical. If you are trying to stay physically fit you need to work out your body and brain and eat right.

On the flip side, once you stop working out and eating right, you begin to lose muscle tone and the advancements your body and brain have made. This is particularly true if you try to train at a particular skill.

If you don't keep up on it you start losing the ability to maintain your level of skill. However, many people stop doing any kind of mental training once they finish school. Mental training, just like physical training, is a use it or lose it ability.

If you don't keep working at ways to stimulate your brain you can lose much of your sharpness later on. Most of us have done some sort of brain games exercises as children. Many of us still enjoy a brain training program which is important to maintain a healthy brain.

These types of tasks have shown to be extremely beneficial in young children, adults and older adults. They keep the brain sharp, and functional MRIs have actually shown that people who perform these cognitive tasks could have neurons which fire faster, thus increasing brain activity and improng their cognitive abilities.

This type of research is promising when it comes to child brain development. Even more promising, however, is the idea of how performing regular mental training could help ward off some of the threat of degenerative brain diseases which are more common in older people such as dementia and Alzheimer's.

Research is showing that by stimulating the brain through activity, some genes can be reactivated which had previously begun to slow down. A good example of this is mahjong. All around the world retired people gather at senior centers, or at rotating homes of participating, to play this popular game.

They enjoy the social aspects of mahjong, but they are also benefitting from the mental training they receive every time they play. Experts report that players are using cognitive and dexterity which can extend their life! While there is still a lot of research to be done on the benefits of mental training, what we do know is that it is a fun, creative way to exercise your mind.

You can start playing at mahjong today on CogniFit! Brain exercises can certainly help keep a person sharp, and help teach younger children to focus. Brain games are an overall effective way to keep your mind occupied, as well as keep your brain sharper for longer.