CogniFit's Science blog: Important Tips For Your Mental Health

Important Tips For Your Mental Health

In this post, we want to offer tips to help you maintain or improve mental health. Keeping yourself mentally fit does not have to be hard to do.

Every day most of the population is subjected to an intense and stressful routine, which in many cases gives way to oscillations of feelings such as euphoria or grief. It is important to try to be balanced and there are several things you can do to towards it. A healthy brain is a happy brain!

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that about 450 million people worldwide will suffer some type of mental disorder throughout life. Less than half of these people receive adequate help.

But what you can do to maintain brain health these days? Stress, poor diet, and lack of exercise are some factors to pay attention to in order to ensure the health of your brain.

Check out the tips below to help you improve or maintain your mental health.

1. Eat a healthy diet. Invest in a menu rich in fiber with vegetables cereals and fruits. Animal protein should be consumed moderately. Give preference to fish and meat without skin. Avoid animal fats, fried foods, salt and sugar. And moderate alcohol consumption with a maximum one glass per day for women and two for men if they do not suffer problems that may be complicated by alcohol.

2. Be positive and optimistic. Seek reasons to smile even if you don't have any or are going through a difficult phase. Laughter brings positive energy, eases pain, and makes us positive about what the future holds.

3. Have a trusted doctor. It is important to have a doctor that you trust and who can provide the attention you need and deserve. Doctors need to show themselves attentive and interested and of course accept your insurance or provide self pay discounts.

 4. Exercise. Some people do not get started exercising because they overestimate how much needs to be done for it to be effective. Even something as simple as a 10 or 15 minute walk after dinner can do you a lot of good and effect how you feel. Brain training couple of times a week should also be part of your exercise regimen. Other things such as stretching or breathing exercises can improve your cardiovascular health as well as improve your mental health.

5. Be happy. Enjoy every day and marvel at the beauty of being alive. Be positive. Take it easy when you can. For example, if you get in a jam, just react calmly!