CogniFit's Science blog: Are Smartphones Good For Your Brain Health?

Are Smartphones Good For Your Brain Health?

Brain health requires a certain amount of work on all of our part. In many ways technology have sometimes robbed us of our brain health because we rely on it to a too large extent remember things for us.

We keep our schedules on electronic calendar. We use our Smartphone to update our social pages and keep in touch with people who we might otherwise forget about. We even send out email birthday cards and preprogram them months in advance.

Smartphones are unbelievable in everything they can do for us. But sometimes, relying or using a technology to an extreme can be bad in the long run. This could impact our brain health. In the other hand, it is still up to us to decide how we challenge and regularly train our brain to keep it sharp and healthy.

Granted we do have to remember what buttons to push, but our thoughts often are not controlling our fingers. Much of what we do on a smart phone or computer is automated and takes away the need to remember things.

Brain health requires us to utilize our mind and challenge it. Technology over time can sometime robs us of both our short-term and long-term memories. To continue to remember something you need to use it periodically. To remember something on a computer we save it to a file. We can then go back to our documents and retrieve it whenever we need. There is no memory required on the part of the computer to access this file.

Digital technology is certainly changing the way we use our brain, but that does not necessarily make it healthier. As we continue to grow older and rely on technology it is going to be up to us as individuals to keep our brain healthier. A Smartphone can play a big role in that when utilized correctly and if using a good application to train your brain on the go.

Instead of sitting around watching TV all day we could access our Smartphone and play brain training games to improve our brain's health.

Your Smartphone is only going to make you as smart as you let it. Interacting with people through social networking can also be another thing is good for your brain's health. It helps keep you sharp and it brings emotion back into the technological world.