CogniFit's Science blog: Mental Health – Happy And Balanced

Mental Health – Happy And Balanced

A healthy brain is essential in controlling your body properly and performing many functions.

 But mental health can also be concentrated on higher level functions which can affect how to respond to the world around you and how you feel. Let’s explore this topic further.

The human brain is an amazingly complex organ. But it does much more than control our bodies. We possess higher level functions including the ability to respond to the world around us in very interesting ways.

Mental health has to do with the way in which we feel about things and ourselves. Good mental health generally means that we are well balanced, are generally happy and respond well to the world around us.

But sometimes people have a difficult time dealing with the world around them or how it makes them feel. They may feel sad or depressed. Or they may act in an inappropriate manner.

For these people, help is needed. But this is a very complex and difficult situation because it is not always easy to identify that there is a problem. Moreover the people who may be suffering from mental health issues may be reluctant to seek help because they either do not recognize it or they are embarrassed to seek such help due to a perceived stigma.

However there are many techniques which can be effective at treating different mental health issues. The most common is counseling which involves helping people to explore their feelings and identify and deal with them. This may be a long term process but it can be very effective in helping people to improve their mental health and overall brain health.

There are also a number of drugs which are used for a number of mental health issues. It is believed that imbalances in brain chemistry can have an impact on mental health so the objective of many of these drugs is to balance out the brain chemistry.

Other mental health issues may be caused by injury or disease. Different surgical techniques are available which may be able to improve these problems.

In any case it is important for the person who seeks improved mental health to pursue and consider different treatment options. Far too many people try to diagnose themselves try to deal with the problem themselves. It is important to be open to other options and the assistance of people or treatments which may be far more effective than dealing with it alone.