CogniFit's Science blog: How Does A Traumatic Brain Injury Occur?

How Does A Traumatic Brain Injury Occur?

Our brain is an amazingly complex organ. It controls virtually every part of our bodies. It also provides us with the ability to think and respond to the world around us. It is a critical tool in our daily life and we want to make sure that we really take good care of it.

However the brain is also very sensitive and prone to injury which can be devastating to the person involved. The causes, symptoms and treatments of traumatic brain injury will be further explored and discussed here.

The brain does have some protection against many injuries it might otherwise sustain. The brain is encased and protected by a bony structure called the skull. It also floats and is cushioned by a viscous fluid within the skull. Traumatic brain injury can occur if the skull is subjected to a strong force. This can occur from blunt force or through a motor vehicle accident.

When this occurs, the brain can accelerate within the skull and impact the other side. This causes the area of impact to swell. Since the inside of the skull is fixed the swelling can create additional force against the brain and cause further damage. If the brain is subjected to a strong impact it is important to understand the mechanisms involved and take steps to alleviate the pressure.

A typical problem occurs when a person receives a blow to the head and then does nothing about it. The problem can escalate until the pressure builds and results in stroke or even death. Other types of traumatic brain injury can occur if the skull is penetrated and an object like a knife or bullet enters the brain itself.

This has significant impacts on the functioning of the brain and can cause a great deal of problems for that person. For example if the brain becomes damaged in the area which controls movement, that patient may lose the ability to walk properly. It can also many other areas of the brain and their resulting functions.

So as indicated above, there are serious problems which can occur as a result of a traumatic brain injury.  It is very important to seek immediate medical attention if you do receive an injury to the head. There are many treatments which are used to help alleviate the problems associated with these injuries.

Surgery may be necessary to reduce the swelling caused by the injury and minimize further damage. And many treatments exist to help people to deal with the impacts of the brain injury. For example a person may be able to be trained to use other parts of their brain to take over functions which were controlled by the areas which received the injury.

This is how some people can regain the ability to walk or talk. As research continues and new treatments develop it is hoped that the prognosis for people who suffer from traumatic brain injury can be much brighter and allow them to ultimately achieve a good quality of life.