CogniFit's Science blog: Do You Face Memory Problems?

Do You Face Memory Problems?

Memory problems can occur with just about anyone at some time in their lives. You have probably experienced it yourself when you suddenly forget the name of the person you were just introduced to or cannot recall the address of a frequently visited spot. Our memory is controlled in the brain but there are many factors which can impact memory.

Our brain provides us with the ability to receive information, process it, store it and then later retrieve it. Changes in our brains can have a profound effect on our memory. However there are many other factors involved which can impact our memory and create periodic or chronic problems.

If we become distracted or stressed, our ability to recall information can be seriously impacted. And it has been found that people have improved memory when they are better rested and better focused on the information they intend to store.

There can also be a significant impact on memory from outside agents like alcohol or drugs. It is therefore very important to protect your brain and its ability to store and retrieve information.

Lifestyle choices can create memory problems. If you are overweight or do not maintain a regular exercise program, your memory can be affected. The importance of good nutrition, brain fitness and a healthy lifestyle cannot be overstated when it comes to avoiding memory problems.

The natural aging process can also create memory problems. The neurons in our brains are believed to be fixed in quantity. As we age, their numbers steadily decrease such that over time our memories can be affected.

However there are some effective techniques to help to minimize or even correct many memory problems.

These techniques which can be employed which have been shown to have significant benefits in terms of memory improvements. It can be as simple as learning to focus better attention on the information received or learn ways to associate information you wish to retain to visual or audio cues with the help of your CogniFit brain training program.

There are many effective tasks when it comes to improving our memory and minimizing the impact of memory problems. In this way many memory problems can be addressed and hopefully corrected or at least minimized over time.