CogniFit's Science blog: The Concept Of Mind

The Concept Of Mind

A famous figure once declared that a mind is a terrible thing to waste. We have all known people in our lives who have wasted their mind and are not using theirs efficiently even as we write this.

Although it could seem natural for some to see the mind and the brain as synonymous, most cultures have separated them.

This is also true of scientists and doctors who study facts and matters and not the soul. The theory that has existed throughout time is that the mind itself is made up of experience and thought. These two elements include perception, imagination, reason, memory, attention, and emotion as well as the ability to communicate.

When reading ancient philosophy, all of the renowned philosophers spoke at length on the theory of the mind. Many believed that the mind and the soul were linked together, meaning that even after a person's body died, their mind would exist in a way.

Today, psychologists argue hotly about which animals and species possess a mind. Some believe that only beings which can reason and can retain memories possess a mind. In this manner of thinking, emotions like love, fear, and hate are primitive and do not make up higher intellectual functions.

Other social psychologists argue that ration and emotion cannot be separated and they must all be included in the idea of the mind.

For the regular person, the idea of mind is probably not such a matter of importance. We tend to use to mean thought or idea. When someone makes a decision they are said to have made up their minds.

Sometimes we think of using our mind as a conversation we have with ourselves. We carry this on in our head. We change our mind like we have two minds. Only we know our mind and can understand it and communicate what we are thinking.

When a person changes an opinion, it is commonly said that they are of two minds. Although it is difficult to understand what the mind is from those phrases, we can understand that the mind is private, and no one has access to it.

They can only understand it through actions or words. The idea of mind is a puzzling one. Although we do cannot fully comprehend it, the mind shapes our thoughts and actions every day. A mind is a terrible thing to waste and we can always use a little bit more of mind training