CogniFit's Science blog: Can We Overcome Mild Cognitive Impairments?

Can We Overcome Mild Cognitive Impairments?

Mild cognitive impairment is generally regarded as the stage between normal degradation of cognitive functions due to aging and more pronounced degradation from the effects of dementia. It can involve problems with memory, language, and higher level thinking and judgment. We will explore some of the typical symptoms and treatments available for this problem.

While many people who develop mild cognitive impairment eventually develop more pronounced symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia there are still others whose symptoms do not get worse or may even improve.

However in general, the symptoms associated with mild cognitive impairment can include the following:

• Increased forgetfulness
• This forgetfulness may cause the person to forget important events such as meetings or special events
• The person may lose his/her train of thought while in the middle of a conversation
• The person affected may feel increasingly overwhelmed at making decisions or being able to implement a series of instructions for accomplishing a task or goal
• It may eventually become more difficult for the person affected to find his/her way around surroundings which were previously familiar
• The person may exhibit poor judgment
• Family and friends will most likely begin to notice differences in behavior and response

People who experience mild cognitive impairment may feel depressed. They may also become irritable or aggressive. And increased anxiety can be a common symptom.

It is not fully understood what causes mild cognitive impairment. However a variety of factors seem to play an important role. Genetics is a factor. If your parents or close relatives suffer from this problem then there is increased risk for you to do so as well.

Lifestyle choices play a key role as well. Those people who are overweight or who do not pursue a regular exercise program stand an increased risk of developing this problem. Other factors play a role such as depression.

This problem has a number of treatments including lifestyle changes as well as brain training and drug therapies. While there is no one specific drug which applies to this problem there are a number of drugs currently used for other neurological disorders which seem to show some benefit. Using regularly the CogniFit brain training software should be part of your regimen even if you don't suffer from any conditions. You want your brain to remain healthy and for that you need to challenge it constantly.

It is also important to address health issues which can impact the ability of the brain to function properly. Addressing blood pressure issues is important as is mental health problems such as depression. It is also important for the person affected by this disorder to remain active and involved. Continued research is uncovering promising developments so it is hoped that this condition can be largely alleviated in the coming years.