CogniFit's Science blog: There Is Still Hope For Your Memory Loss

There Is Still Hope For Your Memory Loss

Everyone goes through spells where they can’t find their keys or they forget what they were supposed to buy at the grocery store. However, it is the larger aspects of life like what you did yesterday or what your best friends name is that causes worry if you are forgetting. But there is still hope if you are suffering from any kind of memory loss.

The first key to improving your memory is staying as mentally active as possible. Mentally stimulating activities will help your brain stay sharp and in shape. There is an array of brain training tasks that can help with the process to ensure your brain remains challenged.It is important to constantly train to retrieve the full benefits.

There is something about social butterflies that keeps the brain from declining over time. Social interaction has been found to ward off memory loss as it eliminates depression and stress from settling in. Any opportunity you can to meet a friend for lunch or to attend a family member’s party you should jump on.

One simple way to keep your mind intact is to stay organized in all aspects of life. With your office, keep all documents in specific folders and files on the computer properly formatted. At home try to keep everything from your clothes in order to the bills in line. And having a notebook or daily planner can help you jot down tasks and appointments throughout the week.

Focusing on tasks at hand and minimizing the things in life that cause distractions can equally assist with memory loss. By steering clear of the distractions and focusing on one or two things at a time, you can avoid getting confused. It is also beneficial to stay alert with the information you are trying to remember now rather than later as it will be easier to recall down the road.

The final tip is to do everything in your power to manage any chronic conditions and keep them in check. If you have anything like diabetes, depression or high blood pressure, it is vital you follow the doctor’s orders and treat the condition as best as possible. The better you treat yourself the better your mind and memory will be in the long run. And keep a close eye on your medications as there are some that can significantly impact the memory.