CogniFit's Science blog: Neuroscience Evolution Continues With Latest Brain Tumor Treatment

Neuroscience Evolution Continues With Latest Brain Tumor Treatment

It is amazing to look at the evolution of neuroscience and a bit dumbfounding to think that it is only growing more and more by the day. The latest area to see development comes with cancerous and benign brain tumors as a new treatment delivers a non-invasive alternative to surgery.

For example, a new treatment known a delivers radiation to brain tumors with extreme precision while protecting all healthy tissues and structures. The great thing about this form of neuroscience treatment is that it is even capable of treating inoperable tumors while providing the highest level of sophistication for non-invasive radiation treatment that is currently available.

It can be used alone or in combination with surgery or other chemotherapy options. With each case differing from one another, it is vital individuals talk through all options with their doctor to identify the best case possible. However, the technique does offer brain tumor patients the opportunity to avoid high risks of complication that can result from open brain surgery.

Another huge selling point for many is recovery that comes from this option. Compared to open brain surgery, it is a safe, precise and reliable treatment option that comes with minimal to no side effects or recovery time whatsoever. The multi-session fractional treatment approach further minimizes potential risk of radiation exposure to healthy tissues and structures as well.

That is certainly one cause of concern for many patients is that treatment will only infect other areas that are healthy as can be.  Treatments can be spread over five sessions resulting in sub-millimeter accuracy. This spares healthy tissues, neurons and structures from ever having to come into contact with the diseased.

The technology that is found within this approach includes 3D images like CT, MRI, or Pet Scan to locate the tumor’s size and shape, live imaging and synchronization to patient and tumor movement and powerful software that constructs a precise treatment plan. Radiation beams are also used to deliver from almost any angle the doctor needs.

In the short time this neuroscience and cancer treatment has been available, it has delivered sound results that have patients raving. It is comforting, quick, effective and leaves patients with few to no side effects or recovery time.

As a friend or family member, it is nice to see such a technologically advanced treatment option available for a suffering loved one. And as a patient, it might beat having to undergo open brain surgery or any of the other current options that are available today.