CogniFit's Science blog: The Many Causes Behind Memory Problems

The Many Causes Behind Memory Problems

Memory problems and memory loss can be troubling and nagging at the same time. There are varying degrees that can range from a slight slip to full out dementia or Alzheimer’s. It can refer to not being able to remember new events to not remembering events of the past. And there could be an array of reasons for such problems.

The reason behind memory problems can ultimately determine whether amnesia slowly settles in or if it is a sudden change. In addition, the cause can play a role in whether it is a temporary or permanent condition.

What we are talking about should not be confused with normal aging and forgetfulness. Some may consider forgetting where they put the keys to be a memory problem, but that is 100% normal. With more severe cases, the dramatic loss in memory can be life-altering and ultimately play a role in whether or not one will ever remember the people closest to them.

The brain is a highly complex component to the body that helps one create and retrieve memories. When any of the portions of the brain are damaged, it can lead to significant memory loss. Where the brain is damaged will determine what kind of memory has been altered.

Sometimes it is recent or new events that will be impacted while others will have problems with past or remote events. It can affect your ability to learn new information or form new memories as well. And again, this can all be linked to the cause of the injury or damage.

So what is the reason behind all of the trouble you are going through? It can be an array of things ranging from alcohol or illicit drug intoxication to a specific event in which your brain was not getting enough oxygen. Other causes include brain growths caused by tumors or infection, brain surgery, dementia, certain medications, depression, bipolar disorder or even migraine headaches.

As you can see, there are some causes that are self-inflicted like alcohol and drugs while others may include a freak accident that created head trauma. A visit to the doctor can help narrow in on the exact cause and the implications to come from it. This will then help determine the severity of your memory problems along with a plausible solution or treatment plan.

Sadly, sometimes the memory problems are incurable. But there is hope for many that treatments can completely rid you of any symptoms or problems in the future.