CogniFit's Science blog: How Reading Can Affect The Cognitive Development Of A Fetus In The Womb

How Reading Can Affect The Cognitive Development Of A Fetus In The Womb

So you are getting ready to have a baby. It is an exciting and joyous experience that will forever change your life for the better. And what you do prior to the birth that can have significant implications on the baby’s life. Cognitive development is not only possible, but it is crucial as a fetus. So what can you do to enhance their overall brain development?

While some may view talking to the baby prior to the birth as foolish, it can have outstanding affects on the baby. The question many have is when can the fetus begin to hear sounds and how should the mother and father talk to the incoming baby.

Fetuses actually hear sounds quite similar to the way we hear a next-door stereo. What they are going to hear is a lot of bass and not a lot of high frequencies. The key thing to remember is that they are capable of hearing voices that are filtered through tissues, bones and fluid.

The week to focus on as a mother is 24 as this is when the fetus will begin to recognize the mother’s voice and be calmed by it. While they will not be able to distinguish one word from another, it is still important to talk to the fetus so they know who the mother and father are and are soothed by the voices.

What they fetus will understand rather than words is the rhythm and melody of voices they hear. This will serve as the overall foundation for language, which is why many moms will read aloud to their children even before the first night of birth.

While reading to the soon-to-be baby is important so they recognize the parents, it is even more important for cognitive development. It is two-fold as reading will help them establish an auditory bond at an early age with the parents while developing the brain before they are even out of the womb.

Everyone from doctors to scientists, and psychologist to Oprah encourage listening to a variety of music during and after pregnancy as well. What this will do is help stimulate the baby’s senses while improving their cognitive development and cognition. By exposing them to different sounds and scenes, this will help them establish connections from one set of neurons to another.

This is essentially how we all learn. The neural structures are shaped like a tree and root system. A baby’s brain is extremely plastic enabling it to adapt and make new connections between trees at all times.

There are countless things to keep in mind while pregnant. It is important to eat right, get the proper amount of exercise, stay away from alcohol and cigarettes, and READ to the fetus! It could set them up for the rest of their life.