CogniFit's Science blog: Games Are Great For Senior Brain Training

Games Are Great For Senior Brain Training

Scientists in Japan recently presented findings from two different studies that show brain training can help improve cognitive abilities in older people who suffer from dementia. The first study involved 123 adults who lived in one community. The second study was done on 32 people who had Alzheimer’s and were living in a nursing home facility.

The study broke each group into two even groups. One group did brain training activities such as reading, brain games and math five days a week for 6 months. The second group did no brain training activities at all. The patients who did the brain training activities all showed improvement in their cognitive function.

Many of these studies are spurred on by the fact that prior to recently scientists did not know the brain could grow and improve. But in recent years they have discovered that you can continue to grow new neural pathways well into your senior years. So many scientists are extremely interested in what kind of activities can spur that growth.

Dr Anne Corbett, research manager with the Alzheimer’s Society in Britain says that brain training definitely has benefits for everyday life. Although this specific study just did a few kinds or brain training activities she goes onto say that there are many different thing you an do to keep your brain healthy. Some of those things include staying active, eating well and watching your blood pressure and cholesterol.

The Alzheimer’s association says about 5.4 million people suffer from this disease in the United States and many have turned to brain training games specifically designed to give your brain a workout.

The research also suggests that exercise and physical activity are great for brain health. Also maintaining a healthy weight is critical in lessening diabetes and blood pressure issues which can also effect brain health. Lastly, regular socialization is very important. Interacting with people can be just as important if not more important than things like reading a book.

The more we learn about the brain and how brain training can make it better the more we could hope to stave off debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Even though brain health is so important many people don’t think about it. They think about exercising or losing weight. While these are extremely important so is brain training to keep your brain healthy.