CogniFit's Science blog: Can Memory Training Enhance Your Overall IQ?

Can Memory Training Enhance Your Overall IQ?

Time and time again you will hear people say the more you use your brain the more intelligent you will be. Of course, no good will come from allowing it to become dormant. But simply using it is not exactly the answer to enhanced intelligence either.Specific memory training might not necessarily improve your IQ, but memory training and an increased workload will improve your memory.

Memory training comes in all different forms with a plethora of exercises to consider. For skeptics not willing to work because it might not improve your IQ, you have to fully understand the importance of memory. A solid memory is the backbone to mental intelligence and creativity. Without memory you have nothing.

Therefore, it only makes sense to work on your memory so that you can build on everything else. A report found that mental exercises twice a day can help drastically delay the rapid memory loss that those suffering from dementia are all too familiar with.

The study of 500 people aged 75 to 85 measured how often they looked at crosswords or puzzles, read or played card games. Those who developed dementia found themselves with memory problems much later down the road if they 11 mental exercises a week as oppose to those who did four a week.

This of course shows that dementia was inevitable for many. But at the same time, the memory training and mental exercises delayed the onset of mental decline so that they could enjoy much more of life than they would have otherwise.

The great thing about memory exercises is that they can be done on your own time when you have time. You do not have to be sitting at a desk studying for hours a day, or even a week for that matter. Simply picking up your computer and launch your brain training program.

How long you put your mind to work is up to you. Even 10 to 15 minutes a day a few days a week will do the trick. As long as it is challenging and keeps your mind flowing, your memory will remain fresh. As a result, this will allow you to build off of other learning aspects to enhance your intelligence.

The key to all of this occurring is staying consistent throughout. Going through memory training session for one week and then skipping a couple of weeks is not going to get it done. But if you are motivated and dedicated, great results can be found and some memory problems might be avoided.