CogniFit's Science blog: Practice Makes Perfect Even For Your Memory

Practice Makes Perfect Even For Your Memory

Memory certainly plays an essential role in our mental processes. It has a significant impact on our ability to learn new things and to interact with the world around us. Many of us would like to improve our memory but are uncertain as to how to do it. Well let’s discuss how memory exercise can be one of the most effective ways to improve memory or at least minimize loss due to aging or disease.

This type of brain fitness technique can be very effective at improving the memory. It can include different exercises which can challenge the brain to process information more effectively and then teach it to organize, store and retrieve it later.

It has been found that there are several tools that can be used for a person to enhance their memory. For example improved memory can be attributable to a more intense focus on the information presented.

So a simple example of this is that when you are introduced to someone and they speak their name, repeat their name out loud immediately after they introduce themselves. This simple exercise has been shown to really help people to remember someone’s name.

Another technique can involve having someone associate a cue with someone’s name or other information. So another simple example might involve teaching a person to associate a well known object with someone.

In any case there are many wonderful tasks which can be used for a memory exercise. Start your assessment today and see where you stand and how you could improve your different types of memory.

It is important for the system to measure your progress so the training can dynamically adapt to your need and ensure it offers a optimal stimulation

It is also crucial to realize that those brain training tasks can be used by people of all ages and situations. Be sure to check it  further if you want to improve your own memory functions or those of someone else.