CogniFit's Science blog: Neocortex Comes Loaded With Highly Complex And Sound Brain Parts

Neocortex Comes Loaded With Highly Complex And Sound Brain Parts

As one looks within the skull you will find a complex build that consists of countless brain parts. It is an organ that allows us to think, have emotions, move, eat, drink and much more. There are systems and functions for each part of the brain, but the most advanced part is the Neocortex.

To date, the neocortex is the most advanced portion to evolve. Many refer to this as the rational part as it is highly complex and full of intelligence. This is a facet of the brain that is similar in that with other higher level mammals like primates and dolphins. And aside from being the most intellectually sound portion, it is also the largest in humans as it takes up 2/3’s of the brain.

The neocortex is full of different brain parts in itself that allow us to develop language, abstract though, consciousness and imagination. This is what sets humans apart from most species on Earth as it gives us an upper-hand on most creatures.

It is divided into a right and left hemisphere with each controlling differing aspects. The right side of the brain is in charge of the left side of the body and vice versa. It is also known that each hemisphere is divided into terms of what kind of thought is processed or produced. The right side is artistic, spatial and musical while the left is concerned with colder, linear, rational and verbal aspects.

Neocortex consists of several brain parts that are crucial to our everyday lives. This is where the frontal lobe resides, which is the most recent evolutionary addition to the brain. The frontal lobe is the center of command that is responsible for functions like reasoning, problem solving, judgment and impulse control.

The frontal lobe is the last to develop as it evolves when we become young adults. It is also in charge of our higher emotions like empathy and altruism. It plays a role in motor control and memory as well.

Another area within the neocortex is the Parietal Lobe, which is in charge of processing pain and touch sensation. This area gets involved with cognition, movement, orientation, recognition and speech as well.

The final aspect of this area includes the temporal lobe, which handles auditory sensation. This is where the Primary Auditory Cortex takes place and is also involved with emotion, memory and speech.

In reality, there are many other aspects and brain parts within the highly complex neocortex. Everything from the occipital lobe to Broca’s Area to the Corpus Callosum is located within. Plain and simple, the neocortex plays a vital role in everything we do in life.