CogniFit's Science blog: The Need To Pay Special Attention To Brain Injuries

The Need To Pay Special Attention To Brain Injuries

The human brain is a true marvel of creation and the single most important organ in our bodies.

It is true that other organs are critical for life but it is the brain which controls these other organs and which gives us the ability to think, reason, and experience life.

With all its complexities, the brain is a very sensitive organ and must be protected as much as possible. Brain injury can be a major issue so let’s discuss some causes of this and how they can affect someone who has suffered the injury.

As mentioned earlier, the brain is a very sensitive organ. The human body provides good protection for the brain in most cases by encapsulating it in a hard bony structure called the skull. The brain is also suspended in a viscous cushioning solution within the skull the further protect it.

However the health of the brain can be threatened by injury caused by an impact to the skull. This can occur from a fall or most frequently by an impact caused during a car crash. In this case the skull can become damaged by an impact.

In some cases an object may pierce through the protective shell of the skull and impact the underlying brain tissue. This can certainly have a significant impact on brain function and response.

Even if the skull is not pierced, damage can occur to the brain simply from an impact. As stated earlier, the brain is suspended inside of the skull in a viscous fluid. If the skull suffers an impact, the brain may suffer a violent move inside of the skull.

When the brain suffers this impact, it can cause swelling around the impacted area. Since the brain is encapsulated in the skull, the swelling may cause added damage to the brain since there is a fixed amount of room in the skull and there is very little left to handle the swelling.

This is why it is so important to seek immediate medical attention if you suffer a head injury. The immediate impacts may not be seen but if left untreated can cause significant damage and even death.
There are a number of surgical as well as drug therapies which can be used to reduce the swelling and help to minimize the damage caused. However if a section of the brain has been damaged, it can cause a loss of brain function. This can range from speech difficulties to paralysis and other physical or cognitive losses.

It is therefore very important to try to protect the brain as much as possible in order to minimize the chances of brain injury. So make certain to use the safety devices in your car and wear protective helmets when the risk of head injury is present.