CogniFit's Science blog: The Important Role Attention Plays

The Important Role Attention Plays

When it comes to improving mental capacity and function, attention can play a critical role. Let’s explore this further and show just how important our ability to focus really is. Research in cognitive functions and our ability to optimize them has shown that there are many elements which are fundamental for our cognition. Let's take three elements which play a significant role. They include memory, focus and response time.

Focus or attention is a very crucial way in which the higher order cognitive functions are enhanced. It should be understood that attention allows a person to put focus or concentration on one aspect and disregard others.

So in simple terms, if you do not apply proper attention to something, you will tend not to absorb the information and remember it. We all remember the times in class when we might be daydreaming and not listen to the teacher. If we are called upon to answer a question related to what was being discussed, we would be unable to do so.

An important way in which people can enhance their cognitive functions is to learn to put more attention and focus on specific situations and learn to ignore other input which can be distracting.

Some people are very good at reading a book and remembering what they read while being subjected to outside distractions like children fighting or loud music. They are able to provide the right level of attention and focus to the topic at hand.

There are techniques such as brain training which can be used to help people to put better attention on different things. This can be of great benefit in improving their memory and experiencing a higher level of cognitive function.

These brain training exercises can be easily taken in the comfort of your home. You will quickly see the importance and impact which better attention and focus can have on your life.

The importance of proper attention and focus is not only critical in learning situations but can apply to all aspects of ones life. It can help to make difficult tasks easier and reduce the stress which one may experience throughout the day.

This is something which is important to understand. An effective brain training program could train your attention and concentration in order to enhance your mental capacities and capabilities. Give it a try and see for yourself.