CogniFit's Science blog: Tips To Maintaining Your Brain Health For Years To Come

Tips To Maintaining Your Brain Health For Years To Come

What if you could maintain your brain efficiency, memory, attention overall youthful mind well into your senior years? Aging is inevitable, but it does not have to be the full decline of your brain.

With some proper care to your health and a little advice, you can maintain your brain health for many years to come.

The first tip should be obvious: don't smoke! There is no hiding the fact that smoking is a major risk factor for cancer, heart disease and strokes. It is the leading cause of death for smokers and even nonsmokers can pay the price. The affect it can and will have on the mind and brain is equally startling.

Mind games and exercise is crucial to maintaining your brain health. Physical exercise is also just as crucial. A combination of aerobic exercise, weight training and recreation will benefit the mind and cardiovascular health all in one. It is important to note that every time your heart beats, 25 percent of the output goes to the brain. Maintaining a clear and efficient blood flow to the brain is crucial.

Having fun and socializing is just as important to the health of your brain as going through thousands of challenging tasks. Stress is a burden on all aspects of life. Engaging and socializing is a vital piece to eliminating anxiety, dropping the constant worry from the brain and clearing your noggin.

There are countless ways to evaluate your brain health and improve on it, but mental stimulation and brain activity is hands down the most crucial component of all. If you allow your brain to go dormant, its health will fade quickly. Novel and complex stimuli are important to health-promoting for the brain. It is crucial you consistently challenge your brain, feed new information its way and try to learn as many new skills as possible.

The final tip to stay on top of your healthy mind is usually following the physician’s recommendations. A doctor knows and understands what is going on with your health and what can be done to improve it. At the same time, it is up to you to take a proactive approach toward maintaining that health. By combining the doctor’s advice with your efforts, you will be amazed at what can be done well into your 70’s, 80’s and beyond.

Brain health is just as important as your overall health. It is what keeps you thinking, walking, talking and moving. And with a little bit of effort, you can continue to excel in all areas of the mind.