CogniFit's Science blog: Some Of The Key Functions Of The Brain

Some Of The Key Functions Of The Brain

Our brain is one of the most amazing organs in our bodies. It controls practically every body of our bodies. And it has the unique distinction of providing us with higher level thought which enables us to react to our environment and make decisions based on limited information. The brain has a number of key functions which we’ll discuss in more detail.

The biggest part of the brain is called the cerebral cortex. It is the part of the brain which allows it to function at such a high and complex level. It is something which is very unique among animals and there are no other brains quite like this.

The human brain has the capacity to function in unique and complex ways because it is so massive in comparison to the brains of other animals similar in size to us. There is simply much more brain tissue with its associated functions which allows this.

The human brain also features frontal lobes which help to differentiates it from other animal brains. They are much larger and enable the brain to do things like abstract reasoning, thought and planning.

Functions like vision are controlled largely in the occipital lobe. This part of the brain is also quite a bit larger than comparable brains of other animals.

The neocortex is believed to elicit higher level thinking. This function is essential when it comes to learning and memory. The cerebellum is the part of the brain which controls movement as well as posture.

The brain also contains glands which create chemicals to help the brain cells and neurons to function properly and to allow signals to pass from one cell to the other. It can also create chemicals which have an impact on emotions as well as many other functions.

It should be noted that different parts of the brain are responsible for different functions. However it has been shown that in some cases, other parts of the brain can take over functions which are not normally controlled by that section if damage occurs. This makes the brain fairly resilient.

However it is very important to protect the brain as much as possible from injury. While the brain can sometimes relearn different functions, it often has a devastating impact.

So take care of your brain and protect your brain health. In this way it will take care of you and provide you with the best possible response.