CogniFit's Science blog: Memory Training Exercise Goes Leaps And Bounds With Brainpower

Memory Training Exercise Goes Leaps And Bounds With Brainpower

Memory is bound to fade with time, right? Wrong! you can actually use a brain training program to help enhance your mind and brain power. And a new study has revealed that memory training is more than possible. The study shows that people can be trained to be more intelligent while increasing the brainpower that was there at birth.

For years on end it has been believed that the mental ability that allows us to solve new problems without any previous experience was innate. This fluid intelligence has been thought to be permanent with the belief that it could not be taught.

However, all of this has been put to sleep as researchers have stumbled upon another method that can improve this skill with simple memory training. And with experiments readily available to prove that it does in fact work, it is another startling finding that has many overly excited.

The key to it all is carefully structured training within the working memory. This type of memory is often related to fluid intelligence and appears to rely on similar brain circuitry. The thought behind the study was that improving this memory could lead to improvements in fluid intelligence as well.

As they began to experiment, they measured fluid intelligence of four groups of volunteers using standard tests. Each was then trained in a complicated memory task, a child’s card game, a variation on concentration and a visual stimuli they had to recall later.

The researchers set up the memory training experiment in a way that the tasks became harder until they failed, to which the tasks then became easier. Four separate groups underwent 30 minutes of training daily for 8, 12, 17 and 19 days. There were control groups as well that took the tests without the training.

As the results were found, it had researchers jumping for joy. The control groups did make gains over time, but improvements in the trained groups was far greater because of the practice with the fluid intelligence tests. And the longer the groups trained the higher their scores turned out to be.

Many believe the memory training worked because of a number of aspects that were relevant to solving new problems such as ignoring irrelevant items, monitoring ongoing performance and managing two tasks at the same time.

At this time there is no certainty as to how long the gains will last once the training has stopped. But the initial findings are clearly showing that memory training works as long as you are doing it!