CogniFit's Science blog: Improve Your Mind, Body And Spirit With Efficient Brain Fitness

Improve Your Mind, Body And Spirit With Efficient Brain Fitness

There are a number of things that can go with age. Our hair, our energy, sometimes our weight, and most certainly our youth fall victim to that little number that gradually jumps up on us. Many fear the mind will begin to slip as well, but it is possible to maintain our sharpness. In fact, with efficient brain fitness we could even improve our vibrant mind over time.

A common phrase you have likely heard before is “use it or lose it.” This is true when it comes to the mind as it will continue to flow with information if you feed it. It is a living and constantly developing "forest" full of neurons and synapses! If you allow it to go dormant, that is precisely the direction it will turn.

What you eat can have just as much of an impact on the so-called youth of your brain as well. The brain only weights 2 percent of your body mass. However, it consumes over 20% of the oxygen and nutrients we intake. There is no need to flood your body with expensive supplements, but sticking to a rich diet full of fruits and vegetables while eliminating the junk can greatly impact your mind.

Brain fitness also entails working out the body physically. It only makes sense that it will have a positive effect considering the fact that the brain is part of the body. Every workout you put your body through should sharpen your brain. Physical exercise will enhance neurogenesis thus increasing your brain power.

A brain fitness routine that often gets overlooked is simply practicing positive, future-oriented thoughts. If you constantly pound positivity and uplifting thoughts into your head, they will eventually become the default mindset. Rather than waking up with loads of stress and anxiety, you will have a whole new outlook on life each morning. And this can extend the life of your mind.

Mental challenges and learning is a key component to eliminating the dissipation of brain cells. The whole point behind what is within your reach is to learn, adapt to challenging new environments, and push forward. New neuronal pathways can start to appear in the brain, but the rest is up to you and how you use them. Challenge yourself with new activities, routines and patterns.

Another brain fitness activity that will ensure a healthy and fulfilling life is to laugh and laugh often. Life can become overwhelmed with work, kids and countless other responsibilities that only bring on stress. It is this anxiety and constant stress that adds years onto our mind and body. By living a joyful and light life, you can experience everything the brain has to offer well into the senior years.