CogniFit's Science blog: Implement Brain Training Exercises Into Your Life

Implement Brain Training Exercises Into Your Life

The more you use your brain, the better chance there will be for you to continue its development in the latter years of life.

While most of us would immediately turn to puzzles and mathematical equations to try training the mind, you should today implement the use of a scientifically validated brain training program into your life.

One of the first cognitive area of training to consider is with your attention skills. They are key elements of your daily functioning. There are several exercises that can be conducted to help train your attention, focus and concentration. The primary aspects that you will target when playing these tasks is enhancing your ability to remain alert and the ability to focus on something even with distractions.

Another area that a lot of people fear will fade with time is memory. This is true as it will dissipate over time if you allow it to. But with work and consistently challenging the brain, you can postpone the fading.We have a number of tasks that will train various aspects of the working memory, long-term memory, spatial memory, iconic memory and the echoic memory.

Every day you communicate with others one way or another. Often times it is through speaking, but technology has given people the ability to communicate through text messaging, emailing or chatting. Regardless of how you interact, it all involves using language. Word games and various language tasks can help you stay on top of your language well into the senior years.

One area that many also be overlooked is problem solving. A brain training process cannot be complete without undergoing problem solving exercises. Everything from deciding which show to watch to figuring out how you will fix the car and what is wrong with it consists of problem solving. This is a vital piece to everyday life.

Another piece of the puzzle to brain training is staying on top of your multi-tasking abilities. The older you get the less you may need to multi-task as life tends to slow down for many. Regardless, keeping on top of it can help your brain "flow" at an efficient rate so you can proficiently make it through the daily grind.

There are countless brain parts that can be trained. Each facet takes on a different aspect of life and the combination make up what we are capable of doing every day. With proper brain training, you can remain just as sharp in your 70’s and 80’s as you are in your 30’s and 40’s.