CogniFit's Science blog: Does The Subconscious Mind Eliminate The Need For Brain Fitness?

Does The Subconscious Mind Eliminate The Need For Brain Fitness?

More and more research is being conducted on the benefits of various brain fitness and how it can extend the life of our memory and mind. There is significant evidence that going to great lengths to work out the brain can have positive effects. But how much of what we use is conscious?

There is a slight fraction of the brain that is actually dedicated to our conscious behavior. Everything else regulates subconsciously like breathing, eating and even mate selection. Our unconscious part of the brain is so crucial to everyday life that it is even more important than the conscious.

A lot of attention has been paid to what our brain knows and what the mind is capable of accessing. If you were to close your eyes and grip an imaginary steering wheel to change lanes, picture driving in the left lane trying to move to the right lane. Most would hold the steering wheel straight and then move it over to the right for a moment before straightening it.

This is a typical answer that almost everyone would say. The problem is it is an incorrect answer. If you were to do just that you would actually drive right off of the road. The correct motion is to steer the wheel to the right, then back through the center while continuing to turn the wheel a bit to the left side.

This is a simple task that most practice every day to get to the grocery store, to work or home. But if you think too hard about it, it is a task that would lead to one crash after another. Hence, the power of the subconscious mind. So is brain fitness and exercise really even worth your time and energy?

The answer to this is an emphatic YES! There is no such thing as learning too much or overwhelming your brain with information. And while the subconscious mind overpowers the conscious, this does not mean what we do know gets put to rest. We still use our conscious mind every day.

Without the training and consistent brain fitness, we are setting ourselves up for failure in the long-run. The subconscious may remain, but what we do know and how we act will turn to mush without efficient usage. The brain thrives off of challenges and difficult tasks. If you truly want to take full advantage of your brain power and your cognitive abilities, it is vital you put it to use as much as possible regardless of the subconscious mind.