CogniFit's Science blog: Why You Should Play Mind Games

Why You Should Play Mind Games

We are not talking about the kind of mind games you think. The good kinds of mind games are designed to keep your brain in shape. The brain is an ever growing organ and if you put time into making it sharper you will quickly start to see the positive results that will bring.

Your mind has the ability to grow or become stagnant based on what you feed into it. So taking the time to play mind games can go a long way in helping it to grow. During our lifetime our brain goes through natural ebbs and flows. When we are younger and always learning and experiencing new things our brains grow right along with us.

As we begin to age our brains will start to diminish as they become less active and start to slow in processing. The great thing about the brain though is that we can actually control that decline by having healthy brains and having brains that we took the time to nourish and play mind games with.

So what are mind games? Mind games are any game or activity that is designed to stimulate your brain. This can be reading a book or even learning a new activity. All of these things force our brains to think in new ways and strategize which helps it make new connections and become more effective.

There are also many games designed specifically for the purpose of stimulating our mind. These are usually computer programs that send you through steps of activities that are scientifically designed to make your brain sharper and make you a better thinker. These improve your cognitive abilities and improve your brain plasticity.

Certain physical activities can also be considered mind games. Anything that requires you to strategize or use coordination will work to stimulate you brain. The most important thing about stimulating the brain is to just actually take the time to do it.

We all get busy in our day to day lives. However most of the time our day to day lives are done on auto pilot so they offer little to no stimulation for our brains. That is why we must actively seek ways to stimulate our brains and make sure we concern ourselves with the health of our minds. So take some time today to play mind games and see how quickly you start to see a difference in your thinking and the sharpness of your mind.