CogniFit's Science blog: What is Brain Fitness and Why Do You Care?

What is Brain Fitness and Why Do You Care?

We have all had those days. You wake up and just can’t seem to get it together.

You can not seem to focus, keys are missing things just don’t seem to becoming together.

We all have these days. The reality is that these days can become less when our brain is in optimal condition.

If you have never really thought about your brain or what brain fitness means to you then you are certainly not alone. When people think about being healthy they think about eating healthy or getting exercise most people never consider what their most important organ the brain needs. Brain fitness is just as important as the other things you do to stay healthy.

So then the question becomes how do you keep your brain fit? Well that answer is simpler than you may think and it includes giving your brain the type of stimulation it needs. The brain can be stimulated in a variety of ways. Some things are simple such as reading a book, learning a new hobby or learning a new language. To train your brain effectively, you need to assess yourself to understand where you stand before starting to regularly train with brain training tasks.

Anything where your brain has to think, focus and process helps it grow. So when you think about it there are several types of activities that can help you achieve optimal brain health. You should start your cognitive assessment now and see where you stand.

When your brain is not functioning at full capacity it can affect your life negatively in various ways. It may be hard to remember things or to solve problems. It may even cloud your judgment and help you make poor decisions. An unhealthy brain can also contribute to attention and concentration problems which may show itself as things such as ADD or ADHD. These types of focusing problems can be debilitating and totally curb your ability to learn.

So the next time you are thinking that it is time to get healthier includes your brain in your plan. It just takes a few minutes a day of brain fitness activities to keep your brain sharp and considering it is one of your most important organs it is worth the effort to keep in top operating condition.

Once you get your brain in good shape you will find you will have less of “those days” where you just can’t seem to get things together. Your mind will be sharper and fresh and ready to take on the world each day.