CogniFit's Science blog: Variety Is The Key To Efficient Mind Exercise

Variety Is The Key To Efficient Mind Exercise

The mind deserves as much attention as the body when it comes to pushing it to the extreme. Physical activity is a must in order to stay healthy, fit and in shape. Mind exercise is just as crucial for staying sharp, focused and alert in life. And the only way to make the most of this exercise is to practice with variety.

Something that can greatly impact the brain in a negative way is routine. People often get in the habit of doing the same things every day and even doing those certain things a specific way. For instance, many wake up, make a pot of coffee, read the newspaper, brush their teeth, shower and so on. This dull, predictable schedule does nothing for the brain.

The same holds true when you are working out the brain. If you are going to take the time to challenge your mind to enhance your learning capability, you might as well make it worthwhile by mixing up the workout.

With that said, there are actually a number of ways to practice mind exercise. The most common method people immediately turn to is puzzles, mathematical problems and quizzes. This is certainly something you want to practice on a daily basis, or at least a few times a week.

Outside of that, there are other techniques to go about challenging the brain to train your cognitive skills. Something as simple as deep breathing can do wonders for the mind as it helps relax the body thus increasing the amount of oxygen that goes to the brain. This is why many recommend meditating for mental workouts as it eliminates stress and alleviates the body and spirit.

The computer and internet is a terrific place to turn for just about anything in life it seems today and the same holds true for mind exercise activities. You can start immediately your brain fitness program and activities that will keep the mind thinking. The goal is to challenge it as often as possible as this is what promotes growth.

Finally, you cannot talk about mind exercise without mentioning a healthy diet. It is known that in order to stay healthy and fit, you must couple physical exercise with healthy eating. To see the best results with cognitive training and mental exercise, you want to eat a healthy, low fat, low sugar diet. Omega 3 supplements and multivitamins are extremely beneficial as it promotes mental stimulation.