CogniFit's Science blog: Understanding How the Brain Works

Understanding How the Brain Works

Your brain is one of the most intricate and fascinating organs in your body. The human brain weighs only about 3 pounds but holds 100’s of billions of cells that are used as command central for the rest of your body. Your brain is involved in every body function from thinking to wiggling your fingers.

The way it controls these functions is impressive sending signals through your neurological system to get your body to do what you want. Your brain works in conjunction with your spine and nervous system to regulate and control all the functions of your body.

Your brain can be broken down into four key parts (the brain has many parts but we focus today on these). The first part is the brain stem which controls reflexes and automatic functions such as heart rate or blood pressure. The second part of the brain is the cerebellum which is used to coordinate data and handle limb movements.
The third part of the brain is the pituitary gland this gland handles visceral and behavioral responses such as body temperature, feeding, drinking, aggression and pleasure. The final part of the brain is called the cerebral cortex which is one of the most complex parts including memory and thought processes.

All four parts of your brain are extremely important and even if one is not functioning correctly it can wreak havoc on your world. The main difference between the human brain and lower animal brains such as a fish is thinking. Most animal brains are just focused on eating, avoiding predators and getting through the day to day. The human brain is capable of processing and thinking through information which gives them the ability to problem solve.

The importance of your brain in day to day activities is exactly the reason why brain health is very important. The other pretty remarkable things about human brains is that they can continue to learn and become more efficient over a lifetime. The means the more information and good stuff you feed your brain the harder it can work for you.

A truly optimized brain will be a better problem solver, have better memory capabilities and just be higher functioning in all. A higher functioning brain truly makes life easier for the person because processing happens quicker and more efficiently. A healthy and quick brain is something we should all be striving for and it is pretty easy to help your brain get to that optimal state. Even a few minutes a day of feeding your brain the kind of stimulation it needs can make a huge improvement.