CogniFit's Science blog: Students With Dyslexia And The Brain

Students With Dyslexia And The Brain

Dyslexia is a kind of reading disorder that happens because the brain cannot properly coordinate letters and symbols. Many students struggle in school because they have some form of dyslexia and no matter how hard they work, they just can’t seem to process the information correctly. Sadly, students who have this disorder are often wrongly criticized for their laziness and bad work even though it is the disorder causing their problems.

Someone who has dyslexia, also known as DRD or developmental reading disorder, has a problem with processing the information that they read properly. Even though the information goes into the brain right, it is not comprehended the way it should. Remarkably, this disorder will not affect one’s ability to reason, learn, and comprehend complex issues.

So even though the student may be very smart and hard working, their ability to comprehend what they read and write may not show what they are capable of and will give off the complete opposite sign. They just may not be able to use symbols to communicate or decipher symbols to understand things.

Now that we know and understand that many learning disabilities are the result of someone having dyslexia, many schools are adapting ways for their dyslexic students to learn. Just because you are diagnosed with having dyslexia should not make you want to give up on your schooling and pursuing your dreams. In fact, many students who have dyslexia have a unique creative ability that others don’t and succeed way further than their peers.

While it may be difficult or impossible to decipher things on paper, dyslexic students can still go through the learning process and achieve anything that someone without dyslexia can.

If you or your child has been diagnosed with this learning disability, you may want to seek out individual tutoring. This kind of remedial instruction is necessary so that you or your child can still take on all of what needs to be learned without having to worry about writing or reading. While the process may be slower, it still gives you the chance to comprehend all of the things that need to be learned.

Dyslexia is a disorder that seems to run in the family. If you think you or a loved one might have this disorder, its best to get it diagnosed as soon as possible. Always seek professional medical advice if you or your child has problems reading or comprehending what they are reading.