CogniFit's Science blog: Essay On Cognition

Essay On Cognition

The term cognition generally refers to a group of mental processes. It plays a key role in how we think and respond to our environment. Cognition has to do with mental and higher order functions rather than the more automatic control functions of our brain. There are a number of important processes involved in cognition.

Let’s review them as follows:
1. Attention – This has to do with our ability to focus on something and use our mental faculties in that regard.

2. An ability to remember, produce and understand language is another essential type of cognition. This is something which humans far apart from all the other animals.

3. Problem solving is another important form of cognition. This entails taking input and information from a number of different sources and then combining it to do another task which solves a problem. For example the ability to figure out how to use a utensil to pick up food is a good example.

4. And decision making is also a key form of cognition. This also entails taking input from various sources and using it to decide what to do next.

Cognition is an element in the different fields of study including psychology, philosophy, linguistics, and computer science.

But when it comes down to it, cognition is defined as a way to process information, apply knowledge or change preferences. These cognition processes can be either conscious or subconscious.

Cognition can be very involved and entail many higher level functions in thinking, analyzing and creating. But as indicated earlier, cognition plays a strong in our ability to communicate through language. It is an essential way we learn to respond to each other and our environment.

Since cognition also entails things like philosophy and critical thinking, it plays a key role in how we perceive the world around us. We do not merely respond to stimuli.

For example a machine can be programmed to respond to certain input. However it is generally unable to respond appropriately when unexpected things occur and the input cannot be matched up with a set of instructions appropriate for that input.

We as humans are able to compile this input, analyze it and then make decisions based on this information. This occurs even if we do not normally have appropriate responses already in place for that situation. It is something we learn and can develop appropriate responses to.

This is a key part of cognition. It is the way in which we learn and respond to the world around us.By regularly brain training, you can work on some of the cognitive skills that are linked with your cognition.