CogniFit's Science blog: Enhance Your Brain Health Through Meditation And Relaxation

Enhance Your Brain Health Through Meditation And Relaxation

Aging is something that is inevitable and continuous. Every day you are a little older than yesterday and tomorrow will soon be the new today. But what people do not realize is you can in fact maintain mental health, abilities and enhance your brain health over time. Releasing built up tension and stress is the route to doing so and meditation is the perfect solution.

It is more than possible to take control of your brain changes and even increase the overall size over time. You can cause electrical connections to move at a much more rapid pace thus improving your thinking and memory just by meditating.

Scientists at UCLA recently discovered that brains of those who meditated long-term differed quite extensively from those who did not. What the researchers found is that specific regions of the brain were larger and had more gray matter than those who did not meditate on a regular basis.

Of course, this was a remarkable finding that has scientists jumping with excitement because it explains why brains typically shrink with age. A more recent study found that someone who meditated for eight weeks produced a drastic number of changes in the person’s brain regions connected with memory, sense of self, empathy and stress.

Meditation has long been known as a terrific way to release tension, relax and live a fulfilling and happy lifestyle. These new findings now shows discrete evidence that it can have a huge impact on the body and one’s brain health.

In addition to this, a follow-up study found that people who meditate have stronger connections between brain regions. This study showed these people having far less age-related brain atrophy as well. As a result, these strong connections give the person the ability to increase electrical signals in the brain so they can work rapidly.

It was long believed that it was thought to have been an inevitable part of aging that our brain health would dissipate over time. However, now we know that we can take control of changes in the brain through brain fitness and other techniques such as meditation. Meditation seems to be one of the answer to help maintain a younger, more fit brain that is larger and works faster regardless of age.

So rather than allowing your brain to become a vegetable, take some personal time every day to relax, release stress from the shoulders, simply meditate and train your brain. Those few minutes every day could save your mind in the long run.