CogniFit's Science blog: Cognition: Allowing Humans To Learn And Adapt

Cognition: Allowing Humans To Learn And Adapt

The ability of humans to perceive its existence and surroundings is one of the simple definition of what cognition is. It is the culminations of all of the mental processes and cognitive abilities that take place inside the brain that give us the ability to understand things and realize our place in the world. Cognition allows us to decipher all of the signals that we receive through our senses.

The brain is constantly working to process information. It can store information to recall later and uses this stored information to help us make sense out of new situations and new environments. This is essentially how we learn and expand our mental capacities to take on new information and tie everything together.

Our brains are like huge information sponges that soak in a bunch of knowledge, then try to make sense out of everything. As the brain is confronted with recurring experiences, it then develops a neural pathway so that you can better access this information for next time. This is cognition at its best. Let us give you an example.

A baby has a pretty clean slate when it comes to cognition. Its brain is fairly clear of neural pathways that will be built with time. The first time you touch a hot stove, it hurts, and your senses immediately process this information as best as it can.

The next time you go to place your hand on a hot stove, you will immediately recall that the last time you did this, it was painful. If the brain doesn’t process this information as fast as it should the second time around, you will get burned again. But now a neural pathway has formed and your brain will easily recall this information and thus it will be less likely that you ever place your hand on a hot stove again.

This shows us that cognition is an ongoing process that keeps us safe and we are constantly learning and adapting each and every day. As we age, less neural pathways are formed because we have already experienced much of what everyday life throws at us. But, you can successfully learn new things from study and schooling to help you understand even more about life and what it has to offer.

Cognition is an everyday mental process that makes us who we are. All of our past experiences and environments have shaped us into the person that we are today. The ability to learn more and increase our understandings about the mysteries of life is really what makes the human brain a true marvel.