CogniFit's Science blog: Brain Injury And Your Health

Brain Injury And Your Health

A brain injury is often considered to be one of the most severe injuries that can affect the body. Depending on the severity of trauma, these injuries can cause lifelong symptoms that only get worse as time progresses.

Some symptoms of brain injury include memory loss, headaches, loss of senses, and even violent mood swings and personality changes.

Even the slightest head trauma can cause a concussion, which is a type of brain injury. If someone sustains many concussions over their lifetime, they have a much greater chance of developing brain diseases later on in life.

In fact, many NFL football players who have succumbed to concussions over their careers seem to be developing Alzheimer’s and dementia much sooner than to be expected. The NFL has now implemented many new rules to prevent helmet to helmet contact to reduce concussion injuries. They have also implemented required standard concussion tests to anyone who might have sustained a blow to the head.

Someone who has a brain injury may experience severe mood swings and even depression. They may be in constant denial about their injury and blame their depression on the weather, economy, or other body ailments. But the truth is that someone who has gone through a brain injury will lack the ability to interact with others and go through their normal daily routines, thus isolating themselves from society and not wanting to be a part.

It is no wonder that someone who survives a brain injury wants to isolate themselves because of their inability to function like a normal person. While they don’t want to have to rely on others to help, it is a necessity and the only way for them to operate.

Of course the former is only the case in severe head traumas, but there are plenty of minor symptoms that show their ugly faces as well for less severe brain injuries. Anytime someone experiences some sort of head trauma, there is likely to be symptoms. Some just may not surface for a long time into the future.

Personality changes, depression, memory loss, forgetfulness, and the inability to focus and plan are just a few of the signs to be aware of and all could be the result of brain injuries. These symptoms can get worse over time so it is extremely important to seek out medical help as soon as any form of brain trauma takes place.