CogniFit's Science blog: What Is Neuroscience?

What Is Neuroscience?

Have you ever heard of the term neuroscience? This is a branch of science that is becoming increasingly more popular and is identifying amazing finds each year.

Human thought, emotion, and behavior are all study in relation to our nervous system.

Neuroscience has been seen as a branch of biology that studies the nervous system. However, throughout the last couple of decades this scientific study has grown and is now seen as an interdisciplinary science that collaborates with other fields, such as: psychology, philosophy, physics, chemistry, engineering, computer science, mathematics, and medicine.

A neuroscientist conducts studies that examine the nervous system to see how it develops, how it works, and what goes wrong in neurological disorders. The brain, spinal cord, and sensory nerve cells throughout the body are studied.

One surprising fact identified by neuroscientists is that our body consists of roughly 100 billion neurons that function in the nervous system. These neurons are continuously communicating with one another by sending electrical signals and chemicals called neurotransmitters, similar to phone lines.

One example of this communication is if you burn your hand. A neurotransmitter will send a message to your brain alerting it to the fact that your hand is burning. The brain will send back a neurotransmitter of pain to the hand, at which point you will feel the pain. This all happens instantaneously.

There are three main goals of neuroscientists: to describe the brain and how it functions, to determine how the nervous system develops, matures, and maintains itself, and to prevent or cure neurological or psychiatric disorders that also affect cognitive skills. It is these three main goals that are primarily focused on during research.

Other areas that are being studied in neuroscience are human emotions and cognitive functions. Our emotions and cognitive functions are directly related to our nervous system. Psychologists use neuroscience to identify our emotions and cognitive functions to identify just how they work.

Allow it has been a science for some time, only recently has it begun to rapidly accelerate and begin to identify many findings thanks to the help of recent technology. The research conducted by neuroscientists is truly important and they are changing the world with their findings.

Neuroscience is a complicated but interesting field of science that is involved in research so much that is changing our lives. I hope after reading this article you now have a basic understanding of the science and can begin to appreciate everything that is being researched to help improve our lives.