CogniFit's Science blog: What Does Brain Fitness Mean?

What Does Brain Fitness Mean?

We think a lot about exercising our body and eating right. However we spend little time keeping our most important organ fit. Brain fitness is just as important as keeping your heart healthy or eating the right foods. The more time you spend on brain fitness the sharper your brain will become which will help in your everyday activities making you more productive.

Brain fitness can be accomplished many ways. The goal is to get your brain thinking and moving. Learning a new skill or hobby is one way to get your brain going and using your critical thinking skills. Exercise that requires skill or strategy is also good such as basketball or dancing. You can do puzzles or strategy games such as chess to keep your mind sharp.

The idea is that the brain is an ever evolving organ which is always more productive when you feed it. The less you use your brain the less productive it becomes, the more you use your brain the more productive it becomes. As we age there is a natural decline in brain function that takes place the healthier our brain is when we hit those benchmarks the less likely we are to suffer from things such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

There are several ways to get your daily brain fitness that only take a few minutes a day. One of the most common and effective way is to start with a scientifically validated and effective brain training program specifically designed with brain fitness activities.

This can make your brain process information more easily. It can also improve your memory, other cognitive skills and help to make your mind sharper overall. Doing these type of brain fitness activities can make a difference not only in the day to day but also for the long-term health of your brain.

Brain fitness not only consists of doing certain activities to keep your brain sharp but also what you put into your body overall. Studies have show that the food that is bad for us has many affects on the body including the brain.

Eating healthy meals that also include brain foods will not only improve your overall health but also your brain functioning. So next time you are thinking about your health and how to improve it you should definitely include brain fitness on the list of activities to work into your daily routine.