CogniFit's Science blog: Importance Of Mental Training

Importance Of Mental Training

When you are considering the parts of your body that need to be worked on, what usually comes to mind? It tends to be the superficial characteristics. Men want chiseled abs and rock hard biceps while ladies want nice abs and toned legs. These are all great things to work towards, but they should not be the most important training, which could also be mental training.

Everyone knows that with old age comes the expectance that our minds will begin to suffer, worse for some people than others. This is the tragic reality of life. No one wants to be unable to remember details, it just happens with old age.

However, just because our minds worsen as we get older does not mean there is nothing you can do to help postpone, and possibly prevent, the situation from occurring. That is where mental training comes into play.

Let’s say, for example, you want chiseled abs. What do you do to get those chiseled abs? You begin to work at them by doing sit ups and ab crunches. Eventually, after hard work, you will get your nice abs. With continued work you will continue to have them, but if you stop you will begin to lose them. The reason I bring this analogy up is because it is the exact same with your brain!

You need to challenge your brain and work at training your brain in order to have tough mental health. If you train your brain before it begins to degrade from old age, you can start to postpone or possibly even prevent yourself from suffering from poor memory.

The best mental training exercises involve critical thinking and strategy, usually in the form of a game. The game part allows people to have fun while exercising, and the critical thinking and strategy sharpens your mind.

It is important that you do not play easy games though but tasks that are personalized for you; they are supposed to be a challenge. If you are able to complete the game without putting much work in then you are not gaining anything. Back to the ab analogy, it would be similar to doing one sit up and expecting results even though you know it takes you 20 sit ups to accomplish anything.

Your mental health is important and if you do not begin to work on improving it now you will be facing worse consequences later in life. Mental training can help sharpen and strengthen your mind for later in life, so why not begin now?