CogniFit's Science blog: How To Keep Your Brain Health In Top Condition

How To Keep Your Brain Health In Top Condition

Our brain is the most complex organ in our bodies. It controls virtually every part of our bodies and controls how we think and perceive the world. At the time it is a very delicate organ and needs care to keep it functioning in the best possible manner. It is therefore important to maintain good brain health to help assure optimum functions.

The first thing is to make certain that you provide your brain with the nutrients it requires. Eat a healthy diet which has minimal sugars, fats and preservatives. It is a good idea to stick with plenty of leafy vegetables, lean meats and minimal processed flour.

As indicated earlier, stay away from fatty and sugary foods. And drink plenty of water to help flush toxins from your system. It will help to keep brain tissue hydrated which is important.

You also need a number of important nutrients and minerals. This includes vitamins like Vitamin C, D, E, and B complex. Other nutrients like zinc, potassium, and iron are important as well. You can find out much more details regarding the best diets and nutrients for your brain by performing research on the Internet for this topic.

However these are good places to start.

It is also very important to keep your body in good shape. A healthy body helps to maintain a healthy mind. For example if you keep your cholesterol in check and don’t have high blood pressure, the blood flow to the brain will be better. The more efficient the blood flow is to the brain, the better it can provide oxygen and nutrients to the brain.

You also need to protect your brain your injury as much as possible. So if you ride a bicycle or motorcycle, always wear a helmet. As indicated earlier, the brain is very sensitive so even small bumps to an unprotected skull can cause problems.

In addition always use your seatbelts in the car and pay attention to the road around you. Another key to brain health is to exercise it. What this means is that it’s important to use your brain and keep it challenged.

There are a number of brain training tasks you should use which challenge the brain and get it to think better and enhance its function. Some of these exercises are  serious games and can be very entertaining.

But in any case it’s very important to use your brain to its fullest capabilities, protect it, and make certain it is supplied with the proper nutrients and diet. Doing so will enhance your mental health and make you happier, more alert and thinking better every day.