CogniFit's Science blog: How Is Your Brain Plasticity?

How Is Your Brain Plasticity?

Do you know what your brain plasticity is and why it is important? Most people don’t but understanding the concept can help you to choose activities to make your brain sharper and more productive. Brain plasticity refers usually to the brain’s ability to re-wire itself by making new connections and networks.

Imagine that your brain is a superhighway. Each piece of information that flows into it has to be processed. Different parts of your brain do different parts of the processing and the information has to be sent to those areas. In order for the information to travel to this region it goes through a network of neurological connections that are like the highways. The more productive your brain is the more of these “highways” it builds.

 For a less functioning brain, that information may have to travel a very long time to get there which means it gets there more slowly. If you have a high functioning brain then you will have tons of these little connector paths between the main highways. That means there are way more routes to get where this information needs to be. With more routes available the information can get there quicker and be processed quicker.

This means your critical thinking skills could be much more in tune. You could become a better problem solver, have a better focus and concentration and improved cognitive skills. So how do you go about creating more of these network of highways thanks to your brain plasticity?

The answer is simple: you train the brain. The brain lives to learn and process new information. However it only gets this opportunity if you feed it information to process. You can do this in a variety of ways such as learning something new like a hobby or a new skill.

You can also use a brain fitness program. Any task that requires skill and strategy is good for your brain. Another great way to feed the brain is to exercise. Learning anything new is great for brain activity.

If you find you don’t have time to do these activities to improve your brain plasticity there are other options. One option is to use a specifically designed computer programs meant to improve cognitive memory and brain functioning.

These only take a couple of minutes a day and give your brain some daily challenges. Whatever you choose to do the best course of action is to do something. Your brain is very important and the better it functions the better you function.