CogniFit's Science blog: Brain – Despite Advances There Is Still Much To Discover

Brain – Despite Advances There Is Still Much To Discover

The human brain is the most complex organ is our bodies. It is the root of consciousness and controls virtually every part of our bodies. There have been tremendous strides in terms of understanding how the brain works. At the time there is still much to be learned in terms of different functions of our brains and why we do the things we do. Let’s discuss a little more about both aspects.

There are many features of the brain which we understand in great detail. The physiology of the brain has been studied for many years using a variety of diagnostic equipment.

For years researchers have probed the mysteries of the brain using cadavers. The problem is that there have been limited results due to the fact that responses could not be made or measured. However these studies have been useful in measuring and studying the gross anatomy of the human brain.

Recent advancements in diagnostic techniques have made it possible to probe different areas of a live brain and measure response. In this way it has been possible to determine if what sections of the brain different functions occur.

For example we have been able to determine where most of the memory functions exist. Or where sound is processed or visual stimuli interpreted. A great deal of advancement in the knowledge of how signals travel to and from the brain occurs. We have studied brain cells directly and have a good understanding of how signals cross the barriers between cells and travel throughout the body.

At the same time there is still a great deal of information which we simply don’t know or fully understand about the brain. We can understand how memory occurs but it is very difficult for us to understand exactly how the brain discriminates different input and information. And the big question which philosophers and researchers alike ask is how does the brain really think and make us who we are?

Or what is the mechanism within the brain which gives us our souls? It is both a scientific and philosophical question and certainly one which will stimulate much more study over the coming years. So as research techniques improve, our knowledge of the brain will certainly increase. Advancements in the study of the brain and neuroscience will help treat many diseases and problems which impact people’s lives.