CogniFit's Science blog: The Beauty Of Cognition

The Beauty Of Cognition

Cognition is a unique ability that we have to be able to understand things as they take place. Our brains work like a super computer and process many pieces of information at all hours of the day and night. The ability to be able to perceive things and learn from our senses and all of the information our brain takes in is what is best known as cognition.

Not everyone perceives things in the same way. Each person has experienced their own unique situations and circumstances as they feel their way through life, and it is these particular past situations and circumstances that affect the way they perceive things later on in life.

Cognition happens in all of us, but each brain has its own unique cognitive abilities which creates its own set of outlooks and realizations about life. All of the very unique and different experiences that each person goes through affects the way that their brain perceives things and that is why we all have different thoughts and opinions about things.

As humans we also have the ability to strengthen our cognitive abilities through mind training. Most of us have experienced some form of schooling and studying many subjects. This is one form of mind training that helps us learn things that we wouldn’t have otherwise known unless we expanded our cognition to be able to learn these new things.

Brain injuries can slow down, impair, and even halt cognition. Some brain injuries that affect cognitive abilities are permanent while others may just be temporary.

We are still trying to learn more about the brain and how it functions so that we can help those that are affected by brain injuries and have limited cognition.

The brain is a very complex organ that is quite difficult to really understand because of all of the different neurons and cells that it is comprise of. How they operate, how they are affected, and what causes them to die off when an injury happens are all questions that are being looked into as we speak.

We are beginning to understand more and more about the brain and cognition, but there is still much that we need to discover.

With time and with the rapid expansion of technology and computers, we can now start to foresee the treatment of brain injuries and age related brain diseases in the future.