CogniFit's Science blog: Serious Brain Games Are A Must To Stay Sharp

Serious Brain Games Are A Must To Stay Sharp

The human brain is full of knowledge, expertise, memory and information. But sadly all of its development and growth begins to slow down around the age of 30 years old. However, it is possible to reverse this cycle and continue its growth for many years beyond by training it and challenging it. This is where serious brain games become an essential ingredient.

Brain games have been known to play a crucial part toward the fitness and rebuilding of your mind. Through various games, you can build up the brain reserve, which essentially is your ability to recognize and build new connections. With a strong reserve, you will have formed a plethora of cellular connections which leads to an exponential brain cell density.

So what does this all mean to you and your mental capacity? Having a strong reserve is believed to potentially postpone any onset of mental deterioration like mild cognitive impairment. In addition, Neuro-degenerative diseases have to really fight to reach the brain if your mind has built up a strong reserve.

One of the answer is to build up a strong reserve and you give yourself a better chance to steer clear of mental problems down the road. This is where brain games and stimulating exercises become ever so important. Doing things that are novel and complex will work to stimulate all different areas throughout the brain.

It is crucial the games you select are challenging and target your memory, concentration and attention, language skills, visual and spatial, and logic and reasoning. These are the areas that get the most use on a daily basis, but will deteriorate and fade if you do not put them to work consistently.

Because of the importance of challenging the mind, you will be pleased to know there are a plethora of different tasks and exercises to choose from in a personalized training regimen. This eliminates the need of going through the same exercises day in and day out. As a result, think of it as more of a hobby than a chore.

The tasks available online will challenge a large variety of cognitive skills as well as your logic and word skills to your brain’s speed and memory. And while a few minutes may not seem like a lot, you would be amazed at what 15-20 minutes 2-3 times a week can do to improve your brain’s health.

The benefits of brain games are vast as they can improve your working memory while increasing your fluid intelligence. They have been known to increase mental alertness and awareness, elevate one’s mood and concentration, and even speed up your overall thinking. So start your assessment now and train!