CogniFit's Science blog: Mental Health – Helps You To Deal With Your World

Mental Health – Helps You To Deal With Your World

Our minds are unique in comparison to virtually any others in nature. We have the capacity to feel and respond to our environment. If we are in balance and are well adjusted with the world around us, it is generally understood that we are in good mental health.

Let’s discuss this further and explore some related factors

Our brains have provided us with the ability to think and feel. The way we respond to things which occurs to us plays an important role in our mental health. Mental health implies good mental health meaning that we are well adjusted with the world around us and can handle the changes which life throws at us.

A person who is mentally healthy is generally happy with the world around him/her. This person may certainly experience stress, pressures and problems. But in general this person is able to respond favorably to these issues.

But sometimes the mind does not function properly and this person may not respond favorably to different stimuli. He/she can become despondent, unhappy or even violent. These kinds of mental health issues should be identified and addressed as much as possible.

There are a variety of treatments to help improve mental health in people. In some cases the brain chemistry is disrupted and it may require drugs or other treatments to correct this. Depression is common example. Certain types of brain chemicals may become out of balance which can cause severe chronic depression. Ant depressive drugs may alleviate this and bring certain aspects of brain chemistry back into balance.

However something like depression may be caused by the environment and not an imbalance of brain chemicals. The treatment for this can be counseling where a patient discusses things which may be causing them to be unhappy. Through subsequent sessions, a patient may learn techniques to help he/she to better cope with certain stresses in life and overcome many of the depression symptoms.

In any case there may be many factors both physical and situational which can impact mental health. It is important for a person to recognize when he/she is not feeling right and then seek appropriate treatment. However mental health issues are often ignored or overlooked for fear of the stigma associated with it.

It is therefore important to encourage people to identify these problems and then seek effective treatment options. In this way mental health can be improved for many of those who might otherwise suffer with some of its debilitating effects.